Thursday, December 10, 2009

Artfire & The Manic Purl Podcast

So, I was curious how successful is... compared to other marketplace for handmade goods such as I signed up a while ago, but yet to list anything. So I was thinking maybe the time is now?!

Today I received an email from Artfire. Per the email"There are no limits: no insertion fees, final valuation fees, commissions or hidden fees. Unlimited listing and selling is completely free for all members of ArtFire." But how can they do that. How can they manage to maintain the sight without the fees? I'm assuming sponsors such as Lionbrand and Jo-Ann, play a big role.

Anyway, the free listing is enticing in getting some of my new ideas out to the public. So even if my items doesn't sell, I'm not loosing out on anything, right?. I guess I'll give it a try and see where things lead. Wish me luck.

I've listed an item. Check out my Artfire store at


Today I listened to the Manic Purl's podcast... I am a big fan of the show. This was Chrissy's 2nd annual Christmas show. Her Christmas show last year was AMAZING and so I was excited when this show uploaded. The program was fun, exciting, well thought out and relevant. Besides the music that just sucks you into the holiday mood, she gives great gift ideas for both knitters and spinners. Last year around this time, I wasn't even thinking about spinning, but this year, I am all over the ideas suggested in that category.

On her list, Chrissy has spinning wheel as a gift idea. How cool would that be.... finding a spinning wheel under (or maybe next to) the christmas tree. That would be nice.

Chrissy asks her listeners to post in the comment what fibery item(s) they would most want for the holidays. What do I want for christmas you might ask??? Well, I want the next best thing. I want a gift certificate (large bills only please) to Webs to use at their end of year sale. I figure since I'm going to Webs anyway to shop at the sale the day after christmas, my family might as well make it easy and give me cash to do with as I please. Well, we'll see who's paying attention this Christmas. For all you knitters, crocheters, and spinners, I hope you get what you want for Chistmas. You might want to check out my hand salve to help with your tired hands after you're done this holiday season.


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