Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It Begins

Welcome to the first entry of the KNitDesigns blog. This is not a new blog, but a re-invention of Beautiful Designs by Tian. Beautiful Designs by Tian is primarily about my jewelry making. Over the past year, I've re-discovered my love of crochet, developed my knitting skills and embraced pattern designing. I hope to contribute to this blog more regularly with updates on new knitting and crocheting design ventures, works in progress, and new jewelry designs.
About me:
My name is Tian. I am a wife of 7 years and a mother of a very smart Pre-Kindergartener. My full time job is in Finance and Accounting. I've been crocheting since 2001, making jewelry since 2004, and knitting since Jan 2007, designing (knit/crochet) since January 2008.
I am hoping to venture into Tech Editing in the near future. I have years of experience writing training/instructional manuals and policies, for all levels in the company (from hourly wage workers to Executives) to understand... all reading the same pieces of information. I also have experience testing knitted patterns for others and writing up summaries for what worked and what need improvements. I also tech edit all my own patterns. I think besides my strong analytical and mathematic skills, I am straight forward and honest. I aim for results and sugar coating it won't make get results!

Why I design? The Mission:
I love making things. Working thru the complex progress of figuring out the construction, just how it works, and then simplifying it for others to enjoy. I want to make attactive, stylish knit and crochet items that knitters and crocheters of all level, especially beginners will enjoy making with confidence. I currently have a few items for sale on Etsy and Ravelry, with lots more in the works.

My Motto:
You have to know what the End looks like ahead of the action. What that means is that every action has a reaction and a path. You have to be smart enough to see all the possible outcomes to make the best decision and flexible in your thinking to see things differently to get to the that end. The paths might change, but the end result remains the same.