Saturday, November 6, 2010

A new one... Sadie

So, here's Sadie; my newest design. The pattern is a rather simple knit hat with an interestingly constructed brim, cable details, and bobbles topped with a box pleat. This is not a hard pattern, but the results will be well worth it. Make it either as a beanie or a slouchy.

The yarn! When I saw this yarn in Webs, I had to have it. I was drawn to the color. Of course I didn't have a pattern in mind, but I knew I had to have two skeins of this luscious Valley Yarn Stockbridge (50/50 Alpaca/Wool) in the Kiwi colorway.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Back to School. Is it Fall already?

It's that time of year again. The weather is changing, the smell of diesel fuel from millions of school buses starting up in the morning is in the air, and the leaves and turning that beautiful golden color we love. Yep, it's FALL in New England. It seems like it went from 90 degrees to 60 in 12-hours and that's where it's been for a few weeks now.

It seems as if every year, summer vacation is getting shorter and shorter. I remember starting school in September. This year our town started school on Aug. 26th. It felt too quick. My baby - he's 6 and doesn't mind me still calling him that - started first grade this year (biting nails nervously). I think I was more nervous for him that he was. It's like this every year. I worry if he'll make friends, if he'll do well, AND like ever year, I worry for nothing! He is a very popular kid. Always been. We live in a small town and EVERYONE knows him. We go to the library and all the kids and their parents know him by name and of course we know none of these people. Sometimes I wonder if we have the right kid because he is a complete opposite to my husband and I - but then we just have to look at the nose :) So, is there some rule out there? Do we now need to know all these people and THEIR kids? When I go to the grocery store, I am that person with my ipod plugged in and a determined stride - get in, get what I need, and get out.

Oh well, this parenting thing is a work in progress. I think I almost got it all figured out... almost!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

TWO PATTERNS AVAILABLE: Knit Picks Independent Designer Program

This past Thursday, 2 of my patterns went live on Knit Picks' site as part of the Independent Designer Program. The team at Knit Picks is wonderful to work with. Knit Picks offers a great opportunity to Indie Designers; advance on the design and professional photography. If you are an independent designer looking to get published with maximum exposure, I highly recommend it. So, if you are a fan of Knit Picks already, head over and support the designers there. Prices are at wholesale prices... only $1.99. And if you're not familiar with Knit Picks, now is a great time to get acquainted.

Galway Slouchy Crochet Beret Pattern $1.99
Available at Knit Picks and Ravelry

This simple lacy beret is perfect for beginner and intermediate crocheters; worked from the brim to the crown. The pattern is a great transition piece from season to season and is available in one size for adult woman.

Haiden Earflap Beanie Hat Pattern $1.99
Available at Knit Picks and Ravelry

This simple and cozy hat is very versatile and super easy to make. The hat is worked from the earflaps to the crown, with stitches picked up for the brim and earflap ties. The pattern is sized for Toddlers to Large Adults.
Note: this hat is meant to be made snug; the sizing below will stretch 2-4 inches

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Good and Sad of it

Quick RE-CAP of the last 2 months...

January started out really rough for our family. On Jan 1 we experienced a very sudden death. Why do we wait until tragedy hit to fully appreciate what the people in our lives mean to us? If I can convey nothing else, please take time to love each other. Now I'll get off my soap box.

Later in January, I submitted 3 designs to be a part of the KnitPicks Independent Designer Program. All 3 hat designs have been accepted, of which 2 have been completed and sent to KnitPicks. I expect to see the final product up on KnitPicks soon. The final design is still being worked up. In February I joined forces with Jess of Storied Yarns for her Percy Jackson K/CAL Round One (March 2010) yarn club. I am contributing a crochet pattern: The Wexford - Crochet Lacy Cowl. Here is a little teaser of the upcoming cowl. The cowl is a simple lace crochet pattern, similarly used in my latest for sale pattern on etsy: GALWAY SLOUCHY BERET. Please check it out.
Review of Storied Yarn: I absolutely love her dye job on her sock yarn. The colors are rich and transition well. I did not experience any nasty pooling. The yarn is soft and super easy to work with, and held up wonderful to multiple frogging. I haven't experienced any pilling while working with the yarn and frogging. The yarn fell just as great on the last stitch as it did at the beginning. I have a skein of her laceweight in her new “Daughter of Athena” colorway. I can't wait to use it. I think I will make a shawlette. I will post pictures and a review of the yarn once I've had a chance to work it up. Please check out Storied Yarn for her March KAL/CAL.
Finally, in early March I will be posting my tally raised from the sale of patterns to support the efforts in Haiti. My goal is $100. Hopefully I will be able to report as much or more to Doctors Without Borders. A very big Thank You to all who have purchased my patterns to help in the Haiti relief.